Author’s Note – Neovictus (0-2)

Neovictus Chapter 0, 1, 2 afterword

Firstly, thank you for visiting my new site. Welcome!

I plan to write about the process behind my comics in these A/N blog posts periodically. There will likely be references to the content of the comic, so for the spoiler-averse – or those who would simply like to have context – I recommend reading these blogs after having read the comic.

I’ve had the story idea for this comic since around 2015 or so, although I’ve had the concepts for the main characters since late 2010. I might save delving into those early character concepts for another post; for now, I want to talk about the current incarnation of Neovictus. Initially I had no plans to realise its creation in comic form, but after feeling inspired by other artists I began a first draft in early 2018, which I reworked into the current iteration of chapter 0 at the end of that year and finished in 2019. At the time I also set up my previous website where I posted Neovictus.

Comic creation timeline
Although I have the overall story of Neovictus mapped out, I still occasionally revisit and revise certain points for improved storytelling or changes that have occurred over time in what I want to depict in the story. For this reason I typically work on my comic script and pages on a chapter-by-chapter basis, post 2 finished pages at a time, and take a break between completing chapters; at least, that’s what I eventually decided on afterwards. Chapter 1 was the first full-length Neovictus chapter, and as it wasn’t a specific focus at the time the completion ended up spanning over a year.

Chapter 2 started out at a similarly irregular pace, but I decided that even if making comics could only be done in my spare time, I wanted to maintain consistency in the quality of my output, which would be best achieved by working on it regularly, even if incrementally. Incidentally, due to physical limitations I had to stop working at the time, so I was able to give Neovictus my attention nearly full-time for a couple of months and finished most of the chapter in that time.

Current status
Chapter 3 is a work in progress. Having since returned to work, more free time to work on Neovictus is harder to come by, but I’m figuring out a nice life balance to be able to work on it consistently.

Thanks for reading this far! If this early glimpse into Neovictus interested you, please stick around for more of the story. I hope these author’s notes are somewhat insightful as well.

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